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Welding and connection techniques (closed fabrics)

Welding connections and edge finish for:

PTFE coated glass fabric belts made of “closed fabrics”

A good welding connection is essential, if you wish to use a PTFE coated fabric belt for a long period. There are various possible welding connections:

Below are some of the most frequently used welding connections. 

Endless welded version: Version that can be assembled:
- Overlap splice
- Finger splice or saw tooth splice
- Stainless steel Alligator / Clipper joint 
- Kevlar hinge seam 

Edge finish:
PTFE coated glass fabric belts manufactured of a “closed fabric” usually do not require reinforcement. Only in cases where, for example, conducted lugs or tarp eyelets need to be incorporated in the edge, is it advisable to reinforce the edge to prevent them from tearing.

Welding and connection techniques (for open mesh fabrics)

Welding connections and rim finish for: 

PTFE coated glass fabric belts made of “open mesh fabrics”

PTFE coated gauze belts usually have a connector that can be disassembled. It is also possible to weld them endlessly by way of an overlap connection.

The connector that can be disassembled comes in various types, below we show some of the more commonly used types.  

Version that can be assembled:  (type A) Version that can be assembled:  (type B)
- Stainless steel Alligator
- Clipper joint
- Kevlar hinge seam
- Kevlar Spiral joint
- PEEK spiral joint
- Metal spiral joint

Please note: A connection that can be disassembled according to type A has a limited air admissibility caused by the Kevlar reinforcement strip.

Edge finish:
The edge of the PTFE coated glass and Kevlar open mesh belts must always have a finish in order to prevent the fabric from unravelling. The edge reinforcement consists of:

  • PTFE coated glass fabric type TRX (with additional non-tear strength).
  • Kevlar edge reinforcement

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