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Endless woven PTFE glass and Kevlar fabric belts

Endless woven belts are often used in the textile industry for, for example:

Textile laminating presses (fusing press)

We offer endless woven belts for, for example:
- Hashima - Kannegisser - Oshima - Reliant

The belts are manufactured of:

  • PTFE coated glass fabric “black anti static quality”
    thickness approx. 0.40mm
  • PTFE coated Kevlar fabric “black anti static quality”
    thickness approx. 0.50mm

Available dimensions:
Widths: Minimum approx. 150mm up to a maximum of approx. 1,800mm
Lengths:  Minimum approx. 1,200mm up to a maximum of approx. 9,000mm

Which belt do you use?

Machine brand & type

Lower belt

(width x length)

Upper belt

(width x length)






Use our knowledge and possibilities:

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That is why FluorTech has the correct PTFE conveyor belt for your textile processing-machine.

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