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Belt control

For PTFE coated glass fabric belts,

Besides a good welding connection, the control of a PTFE coated glass fabric belt is an important issue. Contrary to the standard plastic belts, PTFE coated glass fabric belts cannot be controlled by conic rolls.

If you use the PTFE coated glass fabric belts, you must always use cylindrically turned rolls, as the glass fabric has no or hardly any stretch or elasticity.

There are two types of belt control systems:

  • guiding system with studs
  • Automatic belt correction system

Which type is best suited for your application purely depends on the process you intend to use it for.

Guiding system with studs:
Guiding system with studs is mainly applied to belts with relatively small dimensions and an even load.

For example seal belts in the paper and meat processing industry. Guiding studs are usually applied on one side of the belt, the rim of this side is also reinforced to prevent the fabric from tearing. The sliding plate, a driving roll and turning roll must have a conducted groove (see enclosed drawing).

Automatic belt correction system
For PTFE with a larger belt and/or which rotate at higher speed it is important to professionally control the belt; a fully automatic belt correction system is a must.

A good belt control not only improves stability, but also extends the life span of the belt.

A smooth cylindrical roll is used for an automatic belt correction system which is placed on the return route of the belt at the input side.

An electronic or mechanic end switch will engage a servo unit when the control is turned off.

The system controls for each step what correction is required, as the angle of the correction roll changes, so does the belt tensioning. “this system prevents over controlling”

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