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Silicone rubber

Synthetic elastomer silicon rubber is applied for many extreme applications. The material is also resistant against very high temperature and has favourable chemical and mechanic qualities.

Temperature resistance:     Hardness levels:
standard transparent -60 °C tot 180 °C Massive standard 60 ± 5° degrees Shore A
Red / brown -60 °C tot 250 °C Massive special  40 ± 5° degrees Shore A
High Temp. Opaque cream -60 °C tot 300 °C Foam standard 7 tot 14° degrees Shore A

Processing Silicone rubber in any desired shape:

We can also process Silicone sheets and we have different cutting and die-cutting machines and use moderns laser and water cutting techniques. These possibilities enable us to process

We have a standard supply program and also many good possibilities to produce deviating sizes and shapes. Our possibilities are almost unlimited.

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As a reliable supplier of silicone rubber semi-finished products and finished products, we are looking for a long-term relationship with our clients. We can supply our products on short notice at a price you will appreciate.

You can also count on a good service and support for your silicone rubber orders. Do not hesitate to contact us for your requests or questions.

We also refer to our supply opportunities: “various qualities & shapes”

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