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Foil & machine-knives (serrated knives)

We supply a complete selection of toothed knives (foil knives), which are often applied on a wide variety of packaging machines including Rovema, Bosch, CFS, Aquarius, Inno-tech, Cremer/Hachmang, Ilapak, Sandiacre, Omori.

Tray knives (die-cut knives Tray sealers)

Tray knives are manufactured in various dimensions and type, for brands such as Sealpack, Ilpra, Mondini, Caveco, Reepack. The knives are made of stainless steel material and have assembly lugs. We manufacture tray knives in accordance with your model, we can use the belt material with a great variety of indenting when manufacturing the knives. We can also use special indentation heights to improve cutting performance of even the most recently developed packaging foils.

Which knife do you use? In order to determine this, the following information is relevant:

Brand of your machine, shape, length, width, thickness and distance between the indentations.

There is also another, simpler way, just make a copy or photo of your current knife, or send us a used knife and you will receive a quote as soon as we receive your item.

We also refer to our supply opportunities:

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FluorTech, also for all the spare parts of your packaging machine. We also refer to our supply opportunities:

  • PTFE tapes & foil (with and without glass fabric reinforcement)
  • PTFE conveyor belts
  • PTFE coatings
  • PTFE end products, sheet, rod & tube

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