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PTFE conveyor belts how and why

The PTFE coated conveyor belt has a broad application for the food and textile industry.
For example, for the processing of meat and fish produce. Grilling, baking, freezing food products efficiently are often possible with the use of a Teflon conveyor belt; this belt is also very well suited for drying processes. These are conveyor belts which have been manufactured from a PTFE impregnated glass or Kevlar fabric.

PTFE coated fabric conveyor belt from FluorTech,

A PTFE conveyor belt from FluorTech is of a superior quality. These conveyor belts are manufactured in our own location and are tailor made to meet the client’s specifications. This means they are available in any version and all widths and lengths.

FluorTech can also make your PTFE conveyor belt endless and can also provide belts with a detachable connection.

New in our assortment, are the endless woven belts often applied on laminating presses. (see overview Endless woven belts).

Depending on what you would like to use the PTFE conveyor belt for, you can choose a PTFE glass fabric or Kevlar material with a closed fabric structure or an open mesh fabric.

We are glad to provide you with advice when choosing the right type of PTFE conveyor belt for you. We will also provide good advice on belt operation and control; both factors are essential for the correct operation of the belt and improve the life span of your PTFE conveyor belt.

With us you will find PTFE conveyor belts at an attractive price and with an excellent service. Call or email us for a competitive quote.

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