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History of Fluor Tech PTFE your specialist 

Fluor Tech was founded in 1990 with the purpose of trading and processing of mainly PTFE coated glass fabric materials . In cooperation with the world's most progressive manufacturers, we strive to provide a solution . For all common situations , questions and problems 

We are established since its inception in Heerhugowaard . The first five years we were to find in a business unit of 100m2 in industrial Beaver Countries . Due to the increasing need for workspace we decided to move to a commercial new build . Within Heerhugowaard In early 1996 we moved into our current building on Newton Street . This business property features a large office and industrial building that offers us all opportunities to handle . Listed materials in an efficient manner

We import PTFE coated glass and Kevlar fabrics in different qualities . We offer widths up to 4000mm and lengths ranging from about 30 to about 300 meters . All materials are processed in our factory to a wide range of products . Our website offers a complete overview of the products we provide , we also offer customers the opportunity to develop different applications. Customized product We strive for short delivery times and customer-friendly prices . 

In the period from 1990 to now , our capabilities continue to expand and refine . In addition to cutting, punching and welding of our materials , we now have the opportunity to work through laser cutting our products. The development of new techniques allow us to even the most complex parts to produce . In very small quantities

In addition to our own extensive production , we also expanded our product range over the years with new products , which are often combined with our PTFE coated glass fabric materials are used.

Responsibility :

In 2012 we have made more energy to manufacture . Production all produced by us neutral as possible, our goal Meanwhile, all the energy generated by solar panels in our premises . We have also replaced our company cars with smaller, environmentally friendly cars with low CO2 emissions.

With an enthusiastic team , we continue to search in the future for new technologies and opportunities

serve you even better to be of service.

Visit our website and take advantage of our opportunities .

Fluor Tech

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