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Seal wires

FluorTech supplies seal wires for your seal machine in any type and form, with silver or copper plated with end connectors. We can supply seal wires at a short notice and at a low price. We always seal and cutting wires with a PTFE coating in stock which prevents it from sticking to the packaging foil.  The sizes we have in stock are: Diameters 0.5 – 0.7 and 1mm.

Seal wires of excellent qualities

Our seal wires are of excellent quality and are mainly manufactured from resistance wire with a Nickel-Chrome alloy. We can supply in any variety you need:

  • Many Seal wires are supplied ‘clear’, but they can also be given a PTFE coating.
  • in almost any length and version you need
  • With copper or silver plated ends
  • Including end connectors 

As specialists of PTFE tapes, coating and seal wires and various parts for your packaging machine, we always offer a speedy delivery at favourable prices.Take a look at our range of seal wires.

Choose the version you need, and we can supply it in any length you require. The short delivery times and the attractive prices are also important.

Are you looking for the optimum execution of your seal wires, feel free to contact us for good advice. We will be glad to help you.

We also refer to our supply opportunities:

FluorTech, also for all your seal wires. We also refer to our supply opportunities:

  • PTFE tapes & foil (with and without glass fabric reinforcement)
  • Duplex seal tape
  • PTFE conveyor belts
  • PTFE coatings
  • PTFE end products, sheet, rod & tube
  • Silicone rubber products