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We are located in Heerhugowaard and are specialised in incorporating PTFE coated glass fabrics, films and foil in various applications. We import these materials on large rolls and sizes and process these in our factory for: PTFE tapes and foil, Duplex seal tape for your heat-seal packaging machine, PTFE conveyor belts, such as gauze belts for drying and baking and grilling belts, but also for non-stick coatings.

We also supply a full range of Silicone rubber products such as: Silicone plate, silicone profile, silicone hose in massive form as well as silicone rubber and silicone foam.

In addition to these products, we also supply various spare parts for your packaging machine, such as: Seal wires, insulation strips, foil knives and timing – Pull down belts for vertical form, filling and sealing machines.