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High performance tapes & films

In addition to the complete program PTFE tapes, we also supply some "special tapes", such as:

  • UHMWPE tape
  • Kapton (polyimide tape)
  • Thermal spraying tapes (glass tape).
    this tape is used for the protection of, for example, certain galvanized parts.
  • Thermal spraying tapes (glass tape with Silicone top layer).
    This tape is used for the protection of certain parts during plasma spraying.
  • Thermal spraying tapes (glass tape with Aluminium top layer).
    this tape is used for the protection of certain parts during, for example, plasma spraying.

Characteristics of UHMWPE tape
This is a PE tape, with an extremely high density (Ultra High Molecular weight),

  • good non-stick qualities
  • has a low friction resistance
  • good wear and tear resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to approx. 60°C.
  • Glue layer on Acrylic basis

Quick delivery of UHMWPE tape

We always have this foil in stock. We can supply up to a maximum width of 380mm, the roll length of this tape is 33 metres.

Kapton Film & tapes
We have Kapton (polyimide) foil standard in stock, with a thickness of 0.076mm up to a width of 350mm and can be purchased per metres.
Wider widths are delivered ex works and only on rolls of approx. 150 metres.

Thermal spraying tapes (glass tape).
We supply a glass tape that is often used for the partial protection of metal parts that are to be galvanized, for example screw threads. Available in stock in widths of 25mm up to approx. 600mm, standard roll length is 33 metres.

We also refer to our supply opportunities:

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FluorTech, also for your high performance tapes.

We have lots more to offer, please check our supply of:

  • PTFE tapes & foil (with and without glass fabric reinforcement)
  • Duplex seal tape
  • PTFE conveyor belts
  • PTFE coatings
  • Silicone rubber products
  • Seal wires
  • Packaging machines (spare parts for:)
  • Foil cutting knife / Machine-knives
  • Timing belts (with rubber finish cover).

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