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Duplex Heat-seal tape & Zone tape

Duplex sealtape & Zone tape

What is Duplex Heat-seal tape?
Duplex Heat-seal tape is a Heat-seal tape / Zone tape which contains a strip of PTFE coated glass fabric, both edges of which have an adhesive strip covered by a protective foil. We have a laminating machine, which enables us to manufacture this type in any variety you need and with a choice of various adhesive strips.

Which Duplex seal tape do you use?  Below are just some examples:

type c

Type C

type g

Type G

type l

Type L

type d

Type D

type dspa 1

Type DSPA-1

type dspa 1 pe

Type DSPA-1 PE



Adhesive strip

Adhesive strip in various widths


Duplex Heat-seal tape type C

Crêpe tape



Duplex Heat-seal tape type G

Glass tape (translucent)



Duplex Heat-seal tape type L

Linen tape



Zone tape type D Standard

Double sided tape



Zone tape type DSPA-1

Double sided tape Acrylic adhesive



Zone tape type DSPA-1-PE

Double sided tape Acrylic adhesive


However, if you use a tape that is not listed here, just send us a sample.

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Duplex Heat-seal-tape

Duplex Seal Tape

Manufactured with: Crêpe – Glass or linen adhesive tape

Zone tape

Zone Tape

Manufactured with: Double sided adhesive tape

The thickness is determined by the applied PTFE coated glass fabric cloth, the most frequently used thicknesses are: 0.08mm – 0.13mm – 0.15mm – 0.25mm.

Useful welding width:
The is the room available between both adhesive rims (as indicated in the images below)
We can manufacture a duplex seal tape with a minimum welding width of 5mm up to a maximum width of approx. 200mm 

Total width:
This is the width that is determined by the “useful welding width” plus two times the width of the adhesive strips (each standard 15mm wide).

Protective foil:
The applied protective foil is manufactured of silicone paper, provides a good protection for the adhesive strip and is easy to remove.

Roll length:
Duplex seal tape is supplied on rolls of 30 or 50 metres. 

We also refer to our supply opportunities:

type c
type g
type l
type d
type dspa 1
type dspa 1 pe

FluorTech, also for your Duplex seal tape.

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