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Seal wires (how and why)

We supply seal wires for most heat seal packaging machines.

Our seal wires are of excellent quality and are mainly manufactured with an 80-20% Nickel-Chrome alloy. This is mainly dependent on the control unit used, we only supply seal wires with a low ohm resistance for electronically controlled seal equipment.

We can supply seal wires in any variety you need:

  • Most Seal wires are supplied clear, but they can also be given a PTFE coating.
  • Even deviating shapes, for example round or U-shape, are easily realised with the modern laser and water cutting machines.
  • The ends are often copper or silver plated for better water conduction.
  • Including end connectors

We have only a few types in stock due to the great variety in width and thickness, but our good collaboration with our factory means that we can offer you a full range of seal wires, whereby the delivery time is short and at competitive prices.

We do have PTFE coated seal and cutting wires in stock in ø 0,5 – 0,7 and 1mm

Which wire do you use?

Available types, shape and dimensions



Available width (mm)

Available thickness (mm)                         

Low resistance

High resistance



1 - 25

0.1 - 0.5





2 - 15

0.1 - 0.5



Hol band

Hollow band

2 - 12

0,1 – 0,5



Dubbele seal

Dubbele seal

4, 6, 8 and 10

0.15 - 0.25




Profile belt (sicken belt)

2, 4, 6, 8 and 10

0.10 - 0.25





2.3; 2.8; 4 and 6

On request


ronde snijdraad

Round cutting wire

0,3  - 2mm



half rond

Half round cutting wire

1.5 x 0.75mm en 1.75 x 0.87mm


ovalen snijdraad

Oval cutting wire

1.5 x 0.75mm  en 2.40 x 1.40mm


driehoekig profiel

Triangular profile





laser gesneden sealdraden 

Laser cut seal wires

Based on drawing, any shape possible


 eindloze sealbanden

Endless seal belts

In clear stainless steel or with black PTFE coating



Seal wires are available in any version, with clear, copper plated or silver plated ends.
We can add end connectors to the ends, such as eyelets or lugs.
The seal wires can also be given a PTFE coating on one or both sides.

We have our products in stock, the PTFE coated seal cutting wire (colour green) is available in a diameter of 0.5mm – 0.7mm - 1mm and can arrange the new coating with PTFE of your seal knifes and seal sheets.

In order to determine which seal wire you currently use, we require the following information from you:

Shape:  The shape of the seal wire often determines the ohm resistance of the seal wire, they come in many varieties; please refer to the enclosed list.

Ohm resistance:  Besides the content of the material (alloy), the resistance of the seal wire is also determined by the width and thickness of the wire, the bigger the surface (width x thickness), the lower the ohm resistance.





Ohmse resistance






Ends:  The ends of the seal wires are often copper or silver plated, both materials have good heat conduction qualities, which limits the heat in the contacts, with additional benefit that the wires are less likely to break due to overheating, resulting in a longer life span and less production loss. 

Special copper plating:  We can also manipulate the heat emission of your seal wire with a special copper plating, or by adding additional copper plating at the bottom of your seal wire, we can remove a common problem that occurs during the “sealing of plastic bags and sealing with a side fold”.

Are you looking for the optimum execution of your seal wires? Feel free to contact us for sound advice. We will be glad to help you.

We also refer to our supply opportunities:

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FluorTech, also for all your seal wires. We also refer to our supply opportunities:

  • PTFE tapes & foil (with and without glass fabric reinforcement)
  • Duplex seal tape
  • PTFE conveyor belts
  • PTFE coatings
  • PTFE end products, sheet, rod & tube
  • Silicone rubber products
  • Packaging machines (spare parts for:)
  • Foil cutting knife / Machine-knives
  • Timing belts (with rubber finish cover).

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